I’m running for Congress because hardworking families like yours and mine, need a fighter -join me!


About Joe

Joe has the background and the experience to win. He has spent his life fighting for working families:

  • Joe learned the values of hard work, compassion, and overcoming adversity while growing up in Crosby -- and he’s lived those values
  • He organized for higher wages and better benefits at the labor union AFGE
  • He helped give Iron Range mining families a boost by promoting rural broadband and revitalizing downtowns in mining communities
  • He ran Congressman Rick Nolan’s successful reelection campaign in 2016. He knows what it takes to win in this district.

Joe is running for Congress because families like his – hardworking families – need a fighter on their side. Joe has dedicated his life to fighting for working families. He first got involved in politics because of cuts to rural schools like the one he attended in Crosby-Ironton.

Since then, he’s been on the front lines with striking nurses and teachers, and he’s been behind the scenes, organizing workers for better pay and to protect their benefits.

Joe has pushed for expanding opportunities for everyone in Minnesota when he represented Aitkin and Crow Wing counties in the State House.

And Joe has sought to expand rural broadband, revitalize local downtowns, and grow our arts and culture initiatives in order to bring jobs and grow local economies in light of our changing times.

Joe will bring that spirit to Washington in order to stand up to special interests and to fight for the hardworking Minnesotans he’s always fought alongside.

Joe comes from a family of miners, electricians, and healthcare workers—hardworking people. The people of this district deserve someone willing to put that same hard work in for them. That’s why he’s running for Congress.

Joe's Background 

Joe was born and raised in Crosby and has lived there almost his entire life, and now lives there with his dog, Dakota. No matter where his work has taken him, Joe has always called northeastern Minnesota home. Joe is a fourth-generation Cuyuna Iron Ranger, born into a blue-collar family of electricians, plumbers, miners, and nurses. Joe has spent his life fighting for working families: he got his start at the labor union AFGE, where he organized around the Midwest for workers’ rights, better benefits, and higher wages. He’s also helped to give Iron Range mining families a boost while at the Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board (IRRRB), where he promoted economic investment and development in Minnesota’s mining communities struck by the economic downturn. And in 2016, Joe managed U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan’s successful campaign for reelection in Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District.